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Yoga & Chinese Medicine with Molly Coffman

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Please help us welcome Molly Cofman — a former Chicagoan now living in Tuscany — for a unique workshop introducing general concepts of Traditional Chinese medicine. Through a skillfully crafted yoga practice following the five elements of Chinese Medicine, you will experience greater internal harmony, balance and energy. In small part presentation/lecture, and in big part experiential, this workshop is a journey of self-exploration, discovery and revealing our fullest potential.

Molly is a licensed, board-certified acupuncturist and Chinese herbalist as well as a seasoned yoga teacher. She was a part of the Integrative Medicine Team at Northshore University Health Systems in Chicagoland for many years. Her studies on complementary medicine and yoga are vast. Molly now leads retreats and trainings all over the world.

Workshop Fee is $40. Click here to register.