Work/Study Program at Om on the Range

Your mission, should you choose to accept it…

Your mission, should you choose to accept it…

 We love the work/study students at Om on the Range…and so do our students who appreciate how clean and fresh the studio is each day! If you are interested in applying to be a part of the work/study crew that makes this happen, read on about the commitment, duties, and benefits of our work study program.


  • Work/study students are committed to cleaning the studio thoroughly one assigned night per week after the final class

  • Time to complete the assigned duties is typically 60-90 minutes

  • We ask that you make a minimum 6 month commitment to the program

Primary assigned Duties

  • Wet and dry mop the studio and reception area

  • Laundry wash, dry, fold, put away

  • Vacuum reception rugs

  • Empty garbage and recycling containers

  • Clean mirrors in changing rooms

  • Restock supplies of water, coconut water & mints

  • Clean and organize blocks and straps

  • Wipe down and roll up rental mats

  • General tidiness

Other duties on days when you come to class

  • Dry mop practice room floor and light incense for next class

  • Organize blocks and straps for next class

  • Roll up and organize rental mats as needed

  • Any incidental clean up support as needed

  • Check in with the teacher to see if they need any support


  • Our work study team enjoys unlimited yoga while they are part of the program

This program is ideal for those who are super clean, responsible & like to practice regularly at Om. Special priority given to those with more time than resources.