Our teachers are inspired by the simple yet transformative power of yoga. They practice it, study it, teach it, live it and love it!

Annual Om Teachers Practice and New Year Party (missing:  Kelly, Liz G and Nina)

Annual Om Teachers Practice and New Year Party (missing:  Kelly, Liz G and Nina)


Elizabeth Range Kiely, E-RYT500

My college friends brought me to my first class 23 years ago while on vacation in South Beach.   I left with a tingling sense of being centered & connected.

Returning to Chicago, that yoga magic always kicked in after taking classes around town.  And it had impact on my job as a professional fundraiser by enhancing my clarity, productivity and sanity.   It was clear to me.....this stuff really works!   My husband Terry was experiencing the same thing (albeit in his own way) so we got busy, continued our studies, certifications, and practice and eventually opened Om.  I count those studies and certifications right up there with my undergrad degree from University of Illinois and MBA from Northwestern University. Today, my life is integrated and I teach from foundation of love for family, community and possibility.   As a teacher, I would love to share the power & peace of yoga with you.  In that way, the gift of yoga that my many teachers have so generously shared will continue on.


Anne Range Barclay

Annie took her first yoga class in 2000 with her sister Beth. Following that class, she had the best night’s sleep ever! She is a Certified Baptiste Vinyasa Teacher and has completed Baron’s Level I and II Teacher Trainings. Annie is an Illlini grad and studied Elementary Education. Annie loves how each and every time she gets onto her mat to practice, she can clear the clutter of her mind and start new. She loves sharing this clearing, one breath at a time, with her students. Outside of the yoga studio, Annie enjoys life with her 3 teenage kids and her husband Buck. She also loves to make ceramics, biking and walking the family dog Sadie. She hopes after your yoga class that you'll have a better night sleep, too!



Kelly has been an avid yoga practitioner for over 15 years; she was introduced to yoga by a friend who brought her to a class to help rehab a knee injury. Kelly was immediately drawn to the therapeutic benefits and healing power of the practice and so began her journey. While living in San Francisco, Kelly practiced Iyengar, Ashtanga, Vinyasa and Bikram yoga. She found that these styles complement one another and the variety kept her growing as a student and sparked her desire to teach. Kelly began her teaching career after completing Bikram’s Teacher Training in 2003. Several years later, she was introduced to Baptiste Power Vinyasa. She loves the flow and energy of the classes and was inspired to teach Baptiste Power Vinyasa. Kelly completed her Level 1 Teacher Training in 2008, Level 2 Teacher Training in 2009 and became a certified Baptiste teacher in 2010. She also completed the Art of Assisting program with Gregor Singleton and Paige Elenson in 2010 and assisted the Art of Assisting program in 2012. Kelly is also certified in prenatal yoga and loves working with pregnant and post-natal moms.

Whether practicing or teaching, Kelly approaches yoga with love and openness. She brings positive energy to her teaching as she nurtures and respects the individuality of each student. Kelly’s passion for teaching is rooted in her love of movement and her commitment to healthy, mindful living. Kelly is a mom of three boys and is inspired by their vitality and pure delight in the moment.


Terry Kiely, E-RYT500

Out of desperation, I started practicing yoga in 1992 to try to cure my "bad back" - the result of many years of riding airplanes, working too late, and getting little exercise.  It worked!  Yoga quickly became a "must have" for me...the thing I needed that made all the other things better.  Eventually, I chucked my consulting career to become a certified Bikram and Baptiste Vinyasa yoga teacher. We opened Om on the Range and now I use my University of Illinois engineering degree and my Booth MBA a bit differently.  I grew up on the southside and I get great joy out of bringing Chicago’s “regular guys” along on this journey.


Liz Gill

Liz’s love for yoga began in 2002 when she walked into her first class at a local YMCA in Boston. Not long after, she discovered Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga in Cambridge, MA. At first, she was drawn to the practice because of the great counterbalance it provided to all the running she was doing. Liz quickly noticed improvement in posture and increasing flexibility and strength, but she also started to notice a sense of fulfillment, peace and purpose that deepened each time she returned to her mat. In 2007, she began teaching at Om on the Range. Liz has completed Baptiste Level 1 and 2 training to become an Associate Baptiste Vinyasa teacher. Yoga continues to reveal truth and love in her life. Liz is thankful and humbled to be able to share her journey and love for yoga through teaching. As a teacher, a student and a human being, it is her intention to shine light on the power and beauty that exists within each of us.


Leah Bloom

After taking her first hot yoga class in her hometown of Boston in 2002, Leah left feeling energized and open, and thought: I want to feel this way all the time! Wanting to sustain this new vitality, she returned to college in Chicago the very next day and walked into Om on the Range — she's been practicing ever since. Yoga has become a part of her, as she brings that same mindfulness and grounding found on her mat to life. Leah has completed Baron Baptiste’s Level I and 2 training to become an Associate Baptiste Vinyasa teacher. She also received both her undergraduate and graduate degrees from Northwestern University and knows she could not have achieved these milestones, as well as others, if she hadn't found yoga.


whitney webster

I've found that life is fluid and change inevitable. However, my practice has been a constant place for me to find peace. To breathe and flow leaves me feeling cleared of any heaviness or clutter in my mind, body, and spirit. I feel blessed to have found that same space as a teacher. Guiding others through the practice has evolved as a path to lightness. My is hope is that I provide a space for students to connect with themselves and find their peace. 


Stacia Noll

It works every time – this yoga stuff! Each time I get on my mat and practice or have the opportunity to teach, I am aware that something shifts. I believe wholeheartedly in the power of yoga and mindfulness practice in our lives. When I live my yoga, I am more connected to myself, and more able to access my ability to speak my truth and live from a place of love and compassion. This, in turn, helps me be more present for others and live a life I want to be present for. I am thankful to share this practice of integration with others. I am an Associate Baptiste Vinyasa teacher and I work full-time as a therapist.


Jill miller

I came to yoga as a dancer and competitive gymnast, where I learned a lot about the human body...its inherent fragility and its limitless possibilities to heal.  I love how yoga teaches us how to reconcile and integrate these and so many other seemingly opposing truths. I started practicing yoga in 2003 and became a certified Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga teacher in March of 2012.  When I'm not teaching yoga, I run my own Integrated Marketing Communication business, this allows me to connect with both the struggles and successes of today's busy, working professionals. 


Nina helgeson

I discovered Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga on a retreat in Mexico in 2009. The invigorating physical practice was the initial draw, but later, the meditative elements, self inquiry and community that comprise this style of yoga took hold. They inspired me to dig deeper into my practice, become a teacher and express my love of yoga with others in a more profound way. I completed the Baptiste 200-hour teacher training and achieved my certification in late 2010 and have been teaching weekly ever since. In 2011, my husband and I moved to Oak Park to start a family. I have since been inspired to share my love of yoga with our two children, Lucas and Elsie. In 2017, I became certified in children’s yoga through Kidding Around Yoga and have begun to develop and share family and children’s yoga programs among the communities I’ve grown to love.


Liz Vitell

I began my yoga journey several decades ago when I lived in South America. While in Chile, I had the amazing opportunity to take hatha classes taught in the center of a fragrant eucalyptus grove!

 After practicing different styles of yoga over the years, I discovered Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga at Om on the Range and felt an immediate connection. Once I'd completed my Baptiste and other training programs, I joined the teaching staff at Om and embarked upon a new leg of my journey. I find that sharing yoga with others brings amazing rewards that promote personal transformation and growth for instructor and student alike. I look forward to continuing along my path with open heart and mind and to seeing what lies ahead.


Stef Couchman

 I love the community aspect of yoga.  Teaching at Om has widened my lens and appreciation for the endless benefits and transformations that practicing yoga in community brings.  I love to go upside down and backbend whenever the opportunity presents itself.  Yoga has been very healing for me physically, mentally, and spiritually and continues to provide tools that enrich life.  I am so grateful for our space at Om to learn and grow as both a student and teacher.  


Jeanne Century

When I'm assisting or teaching a yoga class, I'm fascinated by the unique process of giving and receiving...of making connections with people, unencumbered by the expectations, worries and hopes that often cloud our interactions with one another.  I love how yoga blends the concepts of growth and constant change while staying grounded in acceptance. While yoga has been a great source of physical benefit for me, the practice continually teaches me to bring empathy, commitment, strength and kindness to all the diverse aspects of my life. 




My first yoga class was fifteen years ago in the cold basement of a community gym from a long haired, sitar playing, free-spirit named Nataraja.   It was a new adventure.   Since that first class, I've lived in Colorado, Idaho, Texas, and now Chicago. Over the years, I practiced casually until I found a vibrant Baptiste Yoga community in Houston where I developed a regular practice and completed my 200-hour teacher training. What I love most about Baptiste Yoga is exploring my own potential, both physically and mentally, and creating the person I want to be in the world -- my best self. Teaching yoga is an extension of my practice. I facilitate curiosity, community, and hard work so that you can create a practice you love and YOUR best self. I’m working toward my Baptiste Certification, and in my day job, I’m a registered nurse and content strategy ninja.